OZZO Collection Exclusives for #STGCC2015 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con (Sept 12-13)

OZZO Collections will be flying the Singapore flag strong at this year's Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con, with a slew of exclusives to be had, swathed in the colors of RED and WHITE! Here is a look at what is to be available via booth Artist Alley AA15 circa September 12 to 13th @ Marina Bay Sands Convention Center!

And remember folks, these will not necessarily be made available for online purchase (from Ozzo themselves), so get your mules ready!

WILBUR Red and White Mixed Parts (from Daniel Yu) @ SG$40 per resin figure.
DARWIN Red and White (from Daniel Yu) @ SG$25 per resin
PLAGUE ORACLES Red and White (from Daniel Yu) @ SG$25 per resin
ZUCO BANANA Red and White (from Daniel Yu) @ SG$25 per resin
**All above pieces is limited to less than 15pcs each colorway!

Above: Acorns in Red and White Edition from FuFuFanny (Quantity & Price TBD)

Above: loic Keychain charms in Red (with white splatter) and White (with red splatter) from BanaNa ViruS (Quantity & Price TBD)

Ozzo x Uamou White with Red Polka Dots @ SG$35 each.
Ozzo x Uamou Red Fortune Uamou with white Polka Dots @ SG$35 each.
All Red Fortune Uamou @ SG$15 each.

Above: BabyTEQ Ozzo Winter Camos from QUICCS (Quantity & Price TBD)

Above: Trooper Boy from INS (Quantity & Price TBD)