Reveal of REN by Bubi Au Yeung x Fluffy House

We brought you the reveal of the new TREESON from Bubi Au Yeung's collaboration with producers Fluffy House not too long ago .. and today we are jazzed to feature a look at a fully colored "REN"!

First seen here as a drawing+proto, this version see s slightly "chibi"-er and seemingly younger and cuter character design!
"Treeson is a kind creature who was brought up by the trees of a forest. Discovered by a boy named Ren, the two face their past through their friendship and adventures."

[ Individual images HERE on FB ]

The character REN is quite memorable to me, primarily because my brother likes REN the figure, and has chosen to collect the Ren with laptop, and has been contemplating getting the Artist Ren - moreso "remarkable" as he does not collect art toys per se!


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