Rocky Dennis Action Figure from Alex Pardee & Junk Fed Available at #NYCC

Junk Fed announces a new pop ultra mashup toy, with Rocky Dennis: True Champion of Life = a collaboration with Alex Pardee!

25 of these ROCKYs will debut at the Junk Fed Booth #225 in The Block at New York Comic Con, each priced at US$75.
"Each figure is individually hand cast, painted, finished, and comes on a custom card illustrated and designed by Alex Pardee. And each figure can beat up any other figure ever because ROCKY is the only true champion of life."
From Alex Pardee: "Rocky Dennis was born with a cranial disease that caused calcium to build up on his bones, severely deforming his skull and harming his neurological system. Most babies born with this disease die very young. But despite his handicap, Rocky Dennis overcame all obstacles to become a TRUE CHAMPION OF LIFE (and accomplished poet) and a pretty good young biker. It is because of his heroism that Junk Fed and myself have teamed up to honor him in this true form of his spirit."