Seen @ #STGCC2015: Black Book Toy

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Besides the vinyl deviants threatening thy toylife with shanks and chains, and overt insinuations to grab at ankles to kiss sofubi asses, not to mention the multiple prompts to get you to S.M.I.L.E. along with them, two particular pieces shouted at me from Black Book Toys' booth at #STGCC2015: heads of upcoming EVIL MC figures! Sort of a "first look" at what is to be released at a later date!

[ More images HERE on FB ]

The DIAMOND DUST edition features clear black casted with tons of silver glitter inside, while blood red accents makes the face POP, set for an October release (most probably Taipei Toy Festival), while the deep metallic purple with pink+orange strip-accents are scheduled for a Super Festival launch! And while no quantities have been revealed, these are "super limited custom painted edition by Chop san of Monster Farm."

Stay tuned to Nigo's updates via the BBT Facebook and Instagram … and well, to be fir, I did manage a S.M.I.L.E. - thanks for the gift, Kaz! :)

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