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Local brand FLABSLAB has since positioned themselves in producing high-end collectibles, with attached popular artists in the art toy and urban arts realms, have had folks lapping up their products like mana from the heavens!

At this year's STGCC, they have for the first time have a dedicated showcase with their name on it (even though it is part of The Falcon's Hangar's display arena), in the annual toy-con. And filled the shelves, they had, with collectibles many drool over! (I know I did hahaha)

Here are a few snaps to share, and a sprinkling of words, with product details aptly mentioned in their accompanying description tags (Good job, this).

Folks can head on over to their Facebook / IG @flabslab for any updates, and their online shop for any eventual sales.

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Some familiar favorites made a re-appearance, while brand new products made their debut as well - from folks like @iamwetworks' Kidzilla (based on New Zealand illustrator Yoii's character creation) - since Sold Out (congrats, guys!), and The Philippines-based Quicc's Ghost of Kurosawa bust, which came along with a GID fabric patch with each order (made by Hornest). Would die to have this, but can't afford it's awesomeness, alas… :p

Pork Russel made an appearance (Sekure D collabo with Jeremy Tanavit), and from Tanavit came a brand new figure named JEM, with this colorway being the "Blue Chronicle" Edition (no prizes for guessing his fav toy-blog here ;p).

Other new(er) collectibles include "Imperial Terrorists" (a collabo with VTSS), and a painted PEPPER prototype by Thailand-based urban artist ALEX FACE stood silent and aptly waved to folks starring into the showcases LOL

FLABSLAB as well showcased their own bootleg take on Nigo's Astroboy figure.

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And while UK-based artist Richard Page of UME Toys was unable to attend this event, a shelf was dedicated to him and his works!

Bigshot Works had a presence here in Singapore as well, with select products on show, and flipping a horsie-birdie at attendees too LOL

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