Seen @ #STGCC2015: GUMS Productions

GUMS Productions from Hong Kong had set up a booth at Artist Alley at last weekend's #STGCC2015, with a small but exciting line-up of their products currently on their production plate, including Vitaly Bulgarov's 1/6th-scaled Scout Dogs and Skull 13's Giant Larva Skulls (who one fine day I'll get for my personal collection, one.….), and what I was looking forward to finding more about: Raijin and Fujin - and especially when their creator Khem Pavee was in attendance! But alas I missed the opportunity to meet him, BUT had a chance to #playwith his figures!

FYI: Fujin was the convention exclusive and was available for pre-orders.

I did not know they were articulated! (Yes, I am "sloe" that way :p) Having thought they are "statues", I was utterly delighted and entralled when their limbs and torso could move, and as well the light-up feature on Raijin was schweet! And the soft rubber bounce on the figure's armor made it felt like they were costumed sentai characters reduced to 1/6th-scale! (So sorry I kept on "breaking" your toys, Benny! :p)

Folks are to stay connect to GUMS Productions via their www / Facebook and Benny's IG @gumsbenny :)

#ScoutDogs by #GUMSProductions spotted at #STGCC2015 #TOYSREVILatSTGCC

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