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The highlight of the INSTINCTOY Booth at #STGCC2015 was to have been the Byron x LIQUID figure for me, but alas after a short queue behind a guy oblivious to what he was purchasing (yes, I am being judgmental here :/), I was told that Byron was SOLD OUT (no, I have not gotten over it …), which left me devastated actually, and disappointed for the rest of the convention till now 2 weeks later (Can't you tell? LOL) … so much so I left the event without a single INSTINCTOY-product, as distraught as I was LOL … I am toy-saddened … but I guess I'll get over this one day … hopefully…

The very next exciting thing to be seen at the booth, was the new MINI MUCKEYS! Would have made a splendid "replacement" in lieu of Byron, but alas, there were on display only…

Various collectibles as well made their debut at the annual event, including Liquid Bat and SNOWY. Folks interested to score any of these goodies are to stay tuned to the INSTINCTOY Facebook page for updates, pr for when they booth at Taipei Toy Festival.

[ Images HERE on FB ]

And congrats as well to designer Hiroto Ohkubo, for being a Finalist in the "Artist of the Year" category in the 2015 Designer Toy Awards.