Seen @ #STGCC2015: Jiangshi BE@RBRICK

The Jiangshi BE@RBRICK Display at #STGCC2015 may well be a toy team-builders' dream come true! Dozens of chinese vampires (non)-hopping to you in unison - featuring a 1000% sized BB centerpiece, flanked by 400% and 100% BBs.

And on both sides of the main display, were further little dioramas, one where Obi Wan Kenobi and Anarkin Skwalker are surrounded by Jiangshi BBs, and the other, Ghostbusters LEGO Mini men run out of a local 5-foot way styled building over-flooded with a jiangshi outbreak!

Dios like this is fun, and makes a welcomed display, IMHO :)

Thank goodness for these images from Action City and Lai Yui Wai, otherwise I would have no idea how the display looked - because I simply could not find it! True story!

My fault for not referring to the layout map, and maybe scurrying around search with one-eye only did not help the circumstance (there's a local slang: "Bak3 Jiu1 Tak4 Stamp" AKA "Eyes Have Postage Stamps Stuck On Them", hence covering vision :p), but I had totally missed seeing this display with my own eyes, hilariously so.

What was not funny (but turned into a toy-blessing) was the 100% Action City BE@RBRICK JIANGSHI that was launched and made available for sales at the event. Featuring a glow-in-the-dark BB packed in a blister card which resembled a talisman used to control the hopping vampire (as seen in Chinese movies of yore!) - this piece was one of my top-buys for the event, which sadly I walked away empty handed by the end of the weekend!

Luckily I managed to (unashamedly) score one from a visiting overseas artist (*man-hugs* 塔倫提), and all is right in my toylife again … of course I would've scored TWO (one to keep and the other to open to play), but that would've been too greedy of me … FYI: SRP was SGD$28 per, just so you know :)

I do not know about availability post-STGCC, but do check-in with Action City Singapore (Facebook), I reckon :)

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on