Seen @ #STGCC2015: Skullhead Samurai by Pobber Toys x Jon-Paul Kaiser x Huck Gee

The Pobber Toys brand took over 3 booths at Artist Alley, with a splendid selection of products and debuts, with one of them being the reveal of Jon-Paul Kaiser's SAMURAI! This particular edition is namd the SKULLHEAD SAMURAI and showcased the facial aesthetics of Huck Gee (who is the Invited Guest of STGCC this year too).

Surrounded and flanked by Huck's production toys (including a Pu-Chaa), the figure towers at 9 inches tall. On display was a 3D-print prototype and hence is slightly larger than the final size.

"General Maximus Decimus Meridius" (played by Russell Crowe in director Ridley Scott's classic 2000-flim "Gladiator") - known as "The Spainard" during his arena tournament fighting days, throwing his blade flinging it into the spectators, after he had killed another group of masked gladiators, shouting out to the audience - arms outstretched from each side, asking: "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?"

This figure's stance reminded me of that, and yes, I was, and am "entertained" hahahah

The Samurai figure is designed by JPK, hence there will be a JPK version "face" to be revealed as well. I had asked Jake Lee (Owner of Pobber), if there were any other artists to expect, and the future of the figure, to which he shared;
"We are very excited about this figure and have many ideas and plans for it. We will get to them over the next few months. No other artists at the moment but we do have some exciting things planned."

I for one cannot wait to see it painted! But then again, given JPK's usual aesthetics, would we be seeing a black-white only colorway? And while there isn't a specific release schedule at the moment, Jake also added;
"The response at STGCC was better than we expected with many people being ready to buy it even though they haven't seen the final piece."