Seen @ #STGCC2015: Unbox Industries

This is the first time Hong Kong-company Unbox Industries helmed their own booth at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con, and collectors had their eyeful of toy-goodness seen only online, and of course for folks who'd purchased Unbox-made toys previously, as well get to see their spread!

Folks familiar to the TOYSREVIL blog might recognize Captain Tsubasa, Bullet Belt, even Cavy Vinyl!

Unbox Industries is a relatively "newer" brand, which has since amassed a splendid catalog of products, and will continue to expand their horizons, not just in production, but due to their expertise in other fields, are able to crossover and take on any challenge, IMHO. I was egging to see Skinner's Lolgolth Gnazgoroth on show, which I will have zero doubt would blow toy-lovers' minds! LOL

Among the eye-candy was also The Three Witches (created from illustrations by John Kenn Mortenson), which when shone with a light below them (thanks to Leo with his trusty mobile phone) - emits a fascinating "glow" and "change" of colors at the base of the figure! Nice trick, this!

This is the first time I am seeing them in person, and I am in awe and in toy-lust! Can't wait to see what effects Skinner's version has too!

#unboxindustries @unboxleo @unboxindustries & ThreeWitches spotted at #STGCC #TOYSREVILatSTGCC

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Also another uber interesting sight for me, were the super-deformed ULTRAMAN and BALTAN (designed by Black-Box), which Leo had informed me was only licensed to be sold in Japan (needs someone to pick these up for me OMG), available via Medicom Toys.

We could go on to no end about their collectibles, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, and as for me, enjoy my loot/score/gifts, and look forward to sharing with you folks in the near future, on the blog, of course :)

Toy-lovers need to stay connected to Unbox Industries via their www / Facebook / IG @unboxindustries / Shop (and it was great meeting and chatting with you Leo!)

(We'll have a closer look at Teva on the blog somewhen too!)