#StrangeMonsters' #Sunobite from Tru:Tek x Sexual Youkai x Unbox Industries Drops Sept 24 (vinyl mini and t-shirt release)

Niall Anderson sends word of his coming release of SUNOBITE - from his "Strange Monsters" series from Unbox Industries! Dropping next Thursday, September 24th at 7pm Eastern time via the Man-E-Toys store, there'll also be an oversized print design from Sexual Youkai (available on it’s own for $22, a super-limited set will also be on offer including the figure and a matching mini print for $35), and a tee shirt (featured below) with the the preorder window closing on Thursday, October 8th. Check out the official blurb below, cut-n-pasted for your reading pleasure!

PARTIAL OFFICIAL BLURB: "Hot on the heals of “Tug-O-War”, “Shogu-Nasty” and “Necrolossus” (check all 3 here), we’re proud to reveal that the fourth release in Unbox Industries' “Strange Monsters” mini figures line – the “Sunobite” from our very own Tru:Tek – will finally be up for grabs next week! A nightmarish mix of both rikishi (sumo) and Hellraiser’s most fearsome Cenobite – the Chatterer – the fearsome beast was designed by Tru:Tek and rendered by Unbox’s digital team, coming in at an oversized 2.5″ tall and the same wide. Produced by Unbox in a unique deep green, rubber-like soft vinyl for it’s first release, the Sunobite is set to come with a vinyl sticker and custom header card for just $15 plus shipping…"