Taylored Curiosities' Spriggledop Adventuring Club on Kickstarter!

Taylored Curiosities has embarked on a new Kickstarter, in an attempt to bring to life the "Spriggledop Adventuring Club". Check out the Kickstarter Page here to find out more! A Pledge Goal of £1,000 is required by Saturday, October 17th for this project to be funded.
Penny Taylor shares: "I'm trying to create a world in which people can forget about their worries for a while. A reason to use our imaginations and forget about the mundane things of every day life. It doesn't matter what age you are, we all need to disappear in to a magical world sometimes.

I teach Art and Art therapy by day and I understand the power of imagination. If you step out of your stressed brain for a while and picture a utopian world where happy things surround you, you will feel in a more positive state."
"Whether you use these as collectible ornaments and frame the prints or you don an explorers hat and venture to the garden, forest or beach nearby, to imagine some fun and let go for a while, whisper your worries to these creatures and let them share your load, or simply look at them and smile because I'd smile if I saw you; it's up to you how you use them, but these creatures are sure to put a smile on your face.

It's also a nice feeling to 'belong'. If you join the Spriggledop adventure gang, you'll be one of us! And we except everyone. You'll always be part of a club; and that's a positive vibe if ever I knew one!"
- shared Penny Taylor on her Kickstarter Page.