Tenacious Toys Collective Exclusives for #NYCC Wave One (New York Comic Con 2015)

New York Comic-Con is just around the corner(-ish) and Tenacious Toys unleashes the first wave of reveals for their exclusives to be had at Booth #208, for a gargantuan collective of toy-makers, artists, indy creators and unique toy companies to be had! Update yourselves on the dedicated events page on www.tenacioustoys.com and Facebook Events page! NYCC happens Thursday October 8 through Sunday October 11, 2015 at the Javits Center in NYC (located on the far west side of Manhattan, between West 34th Street and West 36th Street).

▪ Mini Grayskull 1-inch resin figures by ETC Toys: 8 pieces, $5 each
▪ Oop Blue 2.5-inch resin figures by Matt Obscure Perez: 15 pieces, $35 each
▪ Beats Series Part 6: MPC 3000 LE by Patrick Wong: 6 pieces, $45 each
▪ Codename Hulk by Sekure D: OOAK, $300
▪ Kid Blob 1 & 2 by Sekure D: OOAK, $325 each
▪ Totem Fatcap by Sekure D: OOAK, $200
▪ Geekwok in Blue Carbonite 4.5-inch resin figure by UME Toys: 10 pieces, $55 each
▪ Batty 3-inch Dunny custom by Wuz One: OOAK, $95
▪ Turk 3-inch Dunny custom by Wuz One: OOAK, $85