#‎throwbacktoythursday: The Exquisite Agony Of Selling Away Toys You Liked

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...I remember starting collecting #‎MichaelLau in the very late-90s/early millennium, and had hunted high and low for his urban vinyls, both online and in-stores in Singapore. I managed to procure his LMFs ("LazyMuthaF**ker" in tribute to the Hong Kong band) - in both Black and Red Editions, the pride of my ML collection actually, besides Crazy Children...

On one occasion I had decided to list these guys up for sale, needing the money to buy something I can no longer remember what-was, and sold them to a guy I no longer remember who-was, for how much mark up secondary market prices that no longer meant anything to me ... I remember meeting him outside the Body Shop at Raffles City, outside City Hall MRT, and vividly remember the scene of the buyer walking away with the figures in a red plastic bag … and of the deep feeling of immediate regret will always, and have since scarred my toy-loving heart, etched in my memory for eternity - aaahhhh The Exquisite Agony Of Selling Away Toys You Liked!


I remember telling myself; "If I wanted to, I can re-find them and re-buy them again!" … but I never did find them again. "Toy-Regrets", I have many ...

Even now, I find it hard to sell my toys, even when they are meant to be sold in the first place ... I guess I'm too emotionally invested in my toys ... maybe a little bit too much hahahaha

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P/S: Do you have any toy-regrets you want to share with us? Feel free to leave your story in the comments section below :)

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