"Two Face Todd" #TROUBALLZ from Bad Attic Toys

From Tokyo-based "Bad Attic Toys" comes their debut sofubi release, "Two Face Todd". Available to purchase via emailing info@badattic.com (include your full name and address), with each piece priced at US$100. And while there isn't a specific size mentioned, check out the WIP-pic below for reference/scale.
"Each toy was crafted in sofubi in a local Japanese workshop by experienced sofubi technicians and then handpainted by the artist himself. The first incarnation of Two Face Todd is in purple sofubi, although a further release in green sofubi is planned for the near future.

Each toy comes in its own display case-style box and includes a limited edition trading card, illustrated by the artist himself. Two Face Todd is the first in a planned series of six two-faced monster balls."
"Bad Attic was founded by Japanese toy designer and illustrator Masa-shi in 2015. Heavily inspired by 80s and 90s gross-out toys and trading cards such as Madballs and Garbage Pail Kids, he set about designing a modern, grosser version of a monster ball toy with a little Japanese flavour. His debut toy is "Two Face Todd", a janus-like ball toy with one face paying homage to 80s horror balls and the other a nod to Japanese "yokai" characters."