24 HOUR COMICS DAY 2015 Singapore Chapter Begins October 3rd

The 6th Edition of the Singapore chapter for 24 HOUR COMICS DAY begins tomorrow October 3rd, returning to venue host LASALLE College of the Arts, whereby creators descend upon a sole designated locale to create comicbooks within a span of only 24 hours!

The annual 24-Hour Challenge was created by Scott McCloud and Nat Gertler, the founder of 24-Hour Comics Day, and I was utterly inspired with my visit last year, but alas could not get my shitz together for a challenge this year … maybe the next? :p

Nevertheless, find out how YOU can participate here on www.singaporecomics.com (along with helpful tips to get you started, and as importantly, to last the duration of the challenge!), and read up on the origins of this annual event on www.24hourcomicsday.com.

When: Saturday, 3 Oct 2015, 3pm to 7pm
Where: Block F, Level 5, various rooms
LASALLE College of the Arts,
1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940

(FYI: The above photo is of 24 Hour Comics Day Exhibition
held at LASALLE post-challenge. More images blogged here)

(Above image of Miyako Makio @ Tumblr / www)

Folks interested to just look-see and not participate, have the option of the "Spectator Edition", whereby you could simply just pop by and see the challenge up close and personal!
"We know you are curious about comics, so why not come check it out! Ever wondered what it looks like when an artist is drafting a comic book? How do they get ideas? Picture over 100 artists in one place, all doing the same marathon: 24 pages, 24 hours. Unleash your inner voyeur! Come cheer for your friends and favourite artists! Watch comics created before your very eyes! Admission: Free." (Facebook Events Page)

(For the Singapore chapter, Parka Blogs will be sponsoring book prizes)

Meanwhile, I've asked a host of creators, and the organizer of the event Mr. JF Koh a little bit more about what to expect :)

TOYSREVIL: Are you joining the event this year? Any ideas / hints on what you have planned to do?
"Yes I'll be going. This year's target is to simplify the workflow and see if I can get it done under 12 hours :)

(I) Will be trying to formulate a story with silhouettes rather than with expressions, close ups and so on. Gonna be either a zombie story or war story (probably zombie)." (Illustrator/Artist Jerry Teo @ www.teo-ology.com / www.rexregrets.com)

"Yup I'll be there but I more of a mentoring role. Last year I tried to write, but was constantly being asking questions … so I thought this year I'd go as a mentor and my Daughter is participating BUT we'll only be there for like 4-5 hours." (Writer, Kelly Bender @ MyImaginations / Twitter @KellyBender17)

"We attended Singapore 24 Hour Comics Day for the last 2 years, but can't participate this year because I have 'work' commitments on another part of Earth. We will, however, be there at the kickoff to encourage, give context and shout (a bit)." (Artist/Illustrator, Gene Whitlock @ DangerGene Facebook / Global Beards)

"Yes! I'll be pushing for 10-12 pages of more Kaiju girl which marks the first anniversary of her creation since I drew the first 24 pages last year." (Illustrator/Artist, Kelvin Chan @ rocketraygun blog / DeviantART)

(Above WIP from Kelvin's Kaiju Girl last year … Now you can
see the finished colored versions on www.kaijugirl.com)

TOYSREVIL: Any specific plans for the event this year, JF?
JF KOH: "This year we are expecting over 200 challengers at the venue, the biggest crowd ever, up from about 180 last year. The event has been growing steadily every year, and I thought we might hit a saturation point this year because sign-ups were very slow 2 weeks ago, but it started picking up, so our Singapore event still growing. I have to prepare logistically for the increased number."
TOYSREVIL: Any tips you'd like to share with folks on how to tackle the event?
KELVIN CHAN: "…keep the rendering style simple if you're going for more pages, drink lots of liquids. Remember to have fun because I promise you this event is the best place to make loads of new friends and talents."
GENE WHITLOCK: "Stop worrying and just DO! Plan, collaborate, discuss, play music and tell jokes, involve yourself in the room, but don't be a jerk about it. Singapore 24 Hour Comics Day should be fun, it's a challenge, but it shouldn't be something that breaks you up into little pieces. That's what the real world does, Comics are supposed to make you smile and shout, AW YEAH!!!!"

Check out more pages done by Gene and Wayne Rée Here on FB for 2014,
a continuation from 2013's! #NICE
JERRY TEO: "For most of the veterans, the key is not drawing but planning. Having an idea what you want to do helps. Setting aside the first 2-3 hours planning the pages and tying the story down will improve chances of completing because all you have to do at 4am is to follow the drafts to complete the artwork. When you're up for 18 hours straight by 4am, thinking is non-existent.

Don't even bother thinking of dialog when the sun comes up - your body and mind are going into automatic mode and you're struggling to stay awake to finish the work. Your creative functions have gone to bed long before you will.

Also to note, a lot of returning veterans are doing the original variation proposed by Scott McCloud. Which means no direct preparation (ie no designing, drawing, writing of script). But you can do indirect prep (research, collecting references, thinking)."

(See Jerry's pages for "THE GIFT" Here on FB)
"From past experience, a folder with clear plastic sleeves is a useful thing to bring to 24hr Comics Day. Slot in your pages and let others check out your work at the end of your challenge!" (Other useful things here / via SG.24hr.Comics.Day Facebook)

KELLY BENDER: "This event isn't about doing 24 pages in 24 hours. It's about putting aside family, work, TV, life and just focusing 24 straight hours on COMICS! Do a page you've put off for the past month, finally write that script, get 2-3 pages completed for your own project.

That's what the event is to me. If you want to do something new and put out 1-24 quality images? That's awesome! I'd rather see quality work than rushed work!!"

(SNARL with Kelly Bender preview)
JF KOH: "I think people will have more fun if they just make up their own variations, and come prepared beforehand (i.e. cheat), instead of doing the standard 24-page variation which may be too grueling for most. They don't have to do 24 pages, because I'm allowing everyone to set their own target page count. I think this will make it more meaningful for everyone. Most important thing is to have fun!"
So remember folks, HAVE FUN! :)


Chris Shaw said…
Students taking part stand to win a 3D/2D trip to Tokyo for themselves and a friend.