B.E.A.S.T. BARKING GUN from Abell Octovan

Available for order right now is the "BEAST BARKING GUN" from Abell Octovan, with this newly resized (7 x 4.5inch) resin piece finished in gunmetal color and flat black. Limited to only 12pcs, and priced at US$160 (inclusive international shipping / item shipped at the end of October), folks interested are to email to abelloctovan@gmail.com.

I'd loved this when I first saw it in person in Jakarta circa 2010, and would have dearly loved to do a TOYSREVIL-Edition colorway (THIS would have been perfect) … but alas the time has passed, and I remain "unprotected" against the harsh www, with a creature that doesn;t bark bullets … Heh.


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