Customs Preview Showcase & Update for SPOOKTOBER @ Plastic Culture (Oct 31 launch)

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The end of October is coming up real soon, which means time for a visual update on pieces for Spooktober customs show happening at Plastic Culture! Shown here are a few select peeks into WIPs, teasers and outright awesomeness from Indonesia-based artists and hobbyists, featuring the gory, to the kawaii!
"SPOOKTOBER mini munny custom exhibition hosted by Brotherhood of Toys and curated by Toykultur will display works of talents from the islands of Indonesia. This exhibition will be held on October 31st, 2015 – November 8th, 2015 at Plastic Culture, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Hashtag on IG: #spooktobershow.

SPOOKTOBER is an exhibition only event. All sale for any custom pieces will be made directly to the artist. "

Rigor Mortis Munny from SEN Custom (IG @sencustom) sees the titular updated zombie from the chinese film "Rigor Mortis" getting the toy-treatment, and it looks spectacularly AWESOME, without a shred of bloody doubt, innit?

"HalloSam" from David Tan AKA DTK (IG @davidthekiller) sees a full-on sculpt of Celtic Death God "Samhain", and features a blood-splatter cleaver and lil'bag of a blood-soaked skull, for optimum horror effect!

"Psycho Bunny Clown" by Budi Tandiono (IG @buditandiono) + Dewi Sastra (IG @dewisastra) joins The Little Bunny Family (IG @thelittlebunnyfamily) as a "new member"! … although I'm not too sure if he'll be welcomed to family birthday parties for the kid bunnies tho… *GULP* :)

We have seen artwork and plush from artist Castella Natalia (IG @castellanatalia) on numerous occasions, but "customizing art toys"? This will be a treat, indeed! She will be working on two Munnys, the hoodied "Red Riding Bugs" and "Bermain" Munny (WIPs for both teased).

Teasers from TheGoodHabit (IG @thegoodhabit) sees his kawaii character design aesthetic shine thru, with THREE creatures with smiles that hides killers (with good hearts?) within, including the horned "joy demon", a vampire and a third mysterious critter!

"Wendigo & the Doctor Plague" by Celline (IG @cellinejuanda)
sees a striking gold on sculpted black aesthetic … and her sculpted facial angled mask is no joke too! Reminds me loads of the movie "Immortals". but set in the neolithic-future :)

WIPs from Mr Kum Kum (IG @mrkumkum) seems to be focused on two munnys - a caped Vampire and a Bat Vampire with sculpted wings? An "evolution", perhaps? Can't wait to see what happens next!

Mr Kum Kum is 1/3 of the MUTE Collective.

Fellow MUTE-member Eric Noah (IG @eric_noah) is creating a trio of horror-themed characters, with a Mummified Anubis (or should it be "munnified"? Heh) heading the hoard of awesomeness to come!

WIP from Peter Christian Cung (IG @peterccung) sees a manifestation of his drawing come to 3-D "toylife".

WIP from Wijaya (IG @wijayasantoso) featuring a demon in spider-form = how can THAT be not spooky?

Above-left-right: Teasers from IG @alympu
Mid-left: WIP by WHOP (IG @addydebil)
Mid-right: WIP from IG @kongandri
Below-left: WIP from IG @miaodrawing
Below-right: WIP from IG @wilieka

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