Fonzoworld x Rojo Bermelo presents: I Love Fonzo 1.0 - a Fonzo Custom Contest

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Before we let you in on details of a "new mini series" and the DIY 4.5"-er, FONZOWORLD lets us in on news of a current custom Fonzo Contest showcasing the works for the people on Mexico for the moment (Next year: "Global"!).
FONZO SAYS: "The people have until Nov 16 to send the Fonzo to Rojo Bermelo, the best toy store in Mexico and then we will have a ceremony with special guest Hydro74, Muxxi, The Beast Brothers among other artists that will be also Jury of the show. Its an open contest, every one in Mexico can participate. It will have $300 in prizes and work in the future projects of Fonzo World."
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