Halloween Resins by Jonathan DuBose x Paper + Plastick Records Drops Oct 29

Paper + Plastick Records readies to release a slew of collectibles on Thursday, October 29th, at 3PM - featuring the diabolical resin slinging of one Jonathan DuBose AKA DuBoseArt, with each of the five ready to help you celebrate Halloween! Al;l designs are limited to 18 pieces each, and URL-links to their sale page provided in each description :)
Limited to 18 pieces.

Up-Top: CREEPY CRAWLY GLOW SKULL: "An ultra clear resin skull with glow in the dark creepy crawlies inside! Spice up your nightstand with one of these bad boys."

Above-left: CANDY CORN GEO SKULL: "Love it or hate it, candy corn is the iconic treat of Halloween. Luckily, we love it and decided to make this candy corn geo skull, just in time for Halloween. Sweet enough to hurt your teeth!"

Above-right: P+P HALLOWEEN RESIN SKULL: "This orange and black swirl P+P skull will help you celebrate Halloween all year long!"

Below-left: JACK-O-LANTERN SKULL: "This is next level for P+P skulls. Finally, a jack-o-lantern that doesn't rot on your stoop because you forgot to toss it."

Below-right: HALLOWEEN MONKEY ASSASSIN: "This very cool mini assassin will help you fight off the ghouls of Halloween."