#Inktober Day 1-10 Features on TOYSREVIL: Call For Artists

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Tell us:

Qtn#1 - What is your THEME for your Inktober so far (if any)?

Qtn#2 - If there is no specific theme, do you have a particular preference of illustration/style?

Qtn#3 - Share with us your tools. In general what you use for your sketches. Be specific if you can (Do not tell me; "I use an ink pen", please LOL)

Qtn#4 - Choose Your Favourite Illustration (give me a URL) to be featured as top header, while the rest of the 9 x Inktober sketches will be made in a montage grid of 3 x 3. Yes, I need a full 10 pieces of art, thanks :)

Qtn#5 - Tell us WHERE should people see your work besides your IG (Optional). If you have a special hostage for your own Inktober2015 sketches, that would be sweet as well. JUST for your Inktober2015 sketches tho, thanks.

As of this post today I have 4 artists filled out of 10 slots. Once all slots are filled, I will stop accepting entries … BUT, there is still the midway mark cycle of features … heh.

- THIS is my sample blogpost :)

- Email me details and your answers at toysrevil@yahoo.com or toysreviler@gmail.com