#Inktober2015 Artist Spotlight: Elvin Ching

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TOYSREVIL: Do you have a particular THEME or STYLE for your Inktober this year?
ELVIN CHING: "Since my last Inktober was pretty random (and ended up being mostly comic book characters), this year I wanted to try something more focused and planned, so it’s all about original material and characters. There's something that's more specific to it but I'll reveal it at the end because it's more fun that way … this year my preference is leaning towards quieter character shots … and evilish monsters!"
TOYSREVIL: Please share with us your "tools" you use for your sketches.
ELVIN CHING: "For this Inktober, I've been consistently using these:

1) 0.5 Mechanical pencil for the base sketches
2) Uni-ball Signo 0.5 (black ink)
3) Sakura Pigma Micron0.1 (black ink)
4) Touch Broad marker for the big black spaces."
TOYSREVIL: Folks interested to view more are to head to Elvin's Instagram @elvching and dedicated Facebook album.


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