#Inktober2015 Artist Spotlight: Jeremy Dale

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TOYSREVIL: Do you have a particular THEME for your Inktober this year?
JEREMY DALE: "No theme this time around. Just trying to stay on top of it while compiling stuff for DesignerCon. And spending too much time playing Destiny. So that might keep popping up.

My main drive this month is to keep the quality up, try and refine the process, and add narrative.

I started a snapchat account at vllDllr to experiment with spamming Work In Progress shots to, to keep IG cleaner. Here's a video "story" from day 9; "

TOYSREVIL: Please share with us your "tools" you use for your sketches.
JEREMY DALE: "I primarily use these tools as follows:

Staedtler lead holder and eraser for rough pencils. I never sharpen/point the lead, but grab a mechanical pencil if I really need to detail anything, like the faces in the Blanche piece.

Since I'm usually drawing on the train, I move to black fills next, areas that don't matter if it's bumpy. This is with Pentel Pocket Brush pen. You can see how many refills I've gone through in the photo (below) since I started using one last Inktober. When I can, I carefully detail everything with that."
JEREMY DALE: "Next step uses a "straw" (in this iteration, a dismantled pen, it's the seventh or so thing I've tried) to blow air past the brush, for splatter tones. You can see this in action in the video. I sometimes use business cards as masks, like in the Iron Giant one for the trees.

Then I clean that up with correction fluid, covering overspray and making highlights.

Finally, there's an iteration of brushpen and fluid back and forth tightening up with Micron 01 if needed. I'm trying gel pen white, but the brushpen ink gets re-activated an smears to grey if not really careful, so I'm not too happy with that part of the process.

This is all on 6x6" Strathmore Bristol. I might switch to 6x8" after this month, as it's really hard to find square frames. "
TOYSREVIL: Folks can check out Jeremy's Inktober art on his dedicated Flickr album and his Instagram @valleydweller ... And THANKS for sharing with us your process, Jeremy! YOU ROCK! :)

(Above: Jeremy's fav illustration from Day 1-10
Below: Jeremy's Snapchat Code)