#Inktober2015 Artist Spotlight: Kim Hu

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TOYSREVIL: Do you have a particular THEME or STYLE for your Inktober this year?
KIM HU: "My theme is Kaiju. Although only reinterpretations of existing Toho/Ultraman Kaiju. I don't do any characters of my own design for inktober … I try to capture some kind of comic style with the kaiju drawings.. some kind of vintage, lazy/cheap printed comic, with the colors slightly off and misaligned."
TOYSREVIL: Please share with us your "tools" you use for your sketches.
KIM HU: "I use a very old G-pen and Maru-Pen by Japanese company ‚DELETER'. The ink is also by the same company. Standard tip, very old and beaten up. As I usually work digital, I later clean up the drawings a bit in Photoshop and add some color and textures, too."
TOYSREVIL: Folks interested to view more are to head unto Kim's Instagram @kim__hu (double underscore), and eventually all Inktobers will be hosted on this album on kim-hu.com. Other www-spots to check out include Tumblr / Flickr / Facebook ... featured below is Kim's fav illustration chosen from Day 1-10.


I love her inktober work! The ink character, together with "flat" and kind of faded colours goes so well with her awesome kaiju interpretations!