#Inktober2015 Artists Spotlight #onTOYSREVIL

WHAT IS INKTOBER: "31 Days 31 Drawings. Every October artists all over the world take on the INKtober drawing challenge and do one ink drawing a day the entire month." (www.inktober.com was initiated by Jake Parker)
Earlier in the month, I'd opened a Call for Artists, for folks to showcase their own Inktober art on my humble blog, and as well invited a few folks (most of them replied, some did not) with the result being Inktober Artist Spotlight for 2015, with each icon below clickable to view and read #onTOYSREVIL. As well the links are hosted on this dedicated Facebook album.

Please feel free to show the artists some love by FOLLOWING their respective Instagrams, or LIKING their Facebook albums, or even give them a Follow and Share.

**My sincere THANK YOU for all the artists here who had chosen to be involved in this little project of mine, especially since the TOYSREVIL-blog is more about "toys" … BUT that will not always be the case from now on :)

And while the "Artist Spotlight" has since ended, I have initiated a END of #Inktober Call For Art Submissions - where anyone could showcase their own favorite Inktober drawn/illustrated by themselves, for which I'd love to do "anthology"-styled blogposts for! And I'd love to see YOUR work as well :)

Cheers, and Happy Doodling!