LAZY by Benson Wong

Introducing "LAZY" = an art toy created and made by Benson Wong (Facebook / Instagram @wbbbenson) @ Bster Studio. Inspired by the Sloth (full story below), Lazy stands 15 cm (4.5 inch) tall, with this colorway shown limited to 80pcs. Stay tuned for further product and availability details for this resin collectible!

Based in China, "Bster Studio mainly designs characters, with Lazy being the first piece of materialized work. Every Lazy is hand-made and hand-colored, and they will be offered in Limited Edition for sale." New characters "B-FRIENDS" - namely, Lazy’s friends - will be released one after another "sooner or later".

Nice, clean distinctive design and colors. Looking forward to seeing and finding out more of LAZY and his friends!

WHO-IS: "Sloth is an animal that lives at leisure. They always smile and acts in a slow pace. Lazy, a character with sloth being the prototype, is a boy who adores fashion and carefree life. He smiles all the time, and this is how he views his life.

Laziness, a carefree living attitude, can be seen as the ultimate pursuit of life. People work diligently every day and develop various tools that bring more and more convenience to themselves because they desire for a more comfortable and relaxing life, in other words, a “lazy” life. However, people have to work hard before they can lead a “lazy” life.

Lazy is created by the people’s pursuit of “laziness”. Bster hopes that everyone will feel at ease when seeing his face, and hence keep working hard for their life."