myplasticheart #NYCC2015 Exclusives (Part 3)

Final promo salvo from myplasticheart has hit they humble inbox, and i'll jump straight into what is for offer at Booth #113 at the coming New York Comic Con, and as well you could CLICK HERE to check out what other goodness prevails from mph!

Above-left: 3 Dealmaker Customs by Jon-Paul Kaiser are 3 new unique takes on the Dealmaker form. US$140 each

Above-right: Trick or Treat by Brent Nolasco at US$75 each.

Bottom: Horror Themed Customs by Haus of Boz -where the U.K. based artist has created a group of customs to celebrate the Halloween season. Are you frightened yet? Limited edition @ US$180 each

Above: Fey-Kora Pillow Gal Pal by Justin Alan Volpe. My absolute fav of the entire lot! Limited edition @ US$60 each.
"A tribute to the classic cartoon, This 2-sided plush figure is like getting 2 figures in one! Want more? each side is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The first person to purchase one will also get a special gift!"

All INSTINCTOY releases:

Bat Liquid = Comes in three colors and includes 2 sets of wings for multiple posing options as well as a stand. US$45 each

Halloween Inc 2015 + Available in 2 colors with light up action as well as Bat Liquid accessory. US$210 each

Snowy = The first U.S. release of their newest figure, comes with 2 ice liquid glow accessories as well as removable hat and scarf. This is one you need to see in person! Limited edition US$180 each.

Baby Inc 10th Phantom Rainbow = The smaller version of the popular Inc figure, This guy comes solo or with it's storage box.

$85 Baby Inc 10th
$165 Baby Inc 10th plus Liquid Box 3rd

"Artist Signing Schedule for myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con. Show your support and meet some amazing artists during our artist signings. Be sure to bring your sketchbooks and blank toys for the artist to draw on!"