#mytoylife: Of Failed Toy-Math & Tampered Blister Cards

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So I went into the shop planning to get that Evangelion PVC statue I'd seen and wanted planned to get when my salary came in ... Then I hesitated thinking it'll be an expenditure I dare not risk this month ... So instead I took these two ReAction figures instead ... And realizing later both of them cost MORE than that single EVA figure! The kicker is: I am still thinking about that EVA!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH I so suck at toy-math!

Essentially, when it comes to "toys", all manner of mathematical logic goes out the train window and flies downwind post-haste, as the carriage continues to chug forth...

Sadly, I realized back at home later (as I attempted to remove the "sale" tag and taking this picture) that the blister card had already been tampered with, so opening them is inevitable - so much for M.O.C.! ... *cue-T2-heavy-drum-beats* ... Welcome to #mytoylife, people! *continues-T2-drum-beats*

AND of course the "sale" tag is harder to remove than I had imagined … *T2-heavy-drum-beats-echo-into-distnt-silence*


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