Seen @ #STGCC2015: Pobber Toys

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Now that I've individually featured their Samurai and Roadkill reveals, here is a look at what else the Pobber Toys booth had on show at the recent #STGCC2015

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Four display islands showcased their collectibles, with Roadkill and Samurai each taking a spot, while Gary Ham's Autumn Stag held court in the furtherest left of the 3 booths in Artist Alley for Pobber.

Resting on the Stag itself was Richard Page's limited edition PIP the UME Cub, and as well a "gold edition" surprise (no doubt already spoken for).

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One of the most "fun" display was for Scott Tolleson's Paco Taco, with two colorway editions on sale (*my first purchase of the day at STGCC too :p), flanking a HUGE display fiberglass Paco that would make an AWESOME item to own and have at home, IMHO hahaha - nevertheless, it was super-duper great for photo-ops too!

With twelveDot from South Korean as a guest in the booth, this was a great showing all around, Jake and Hallie at Pobber!

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(Additional images via Lai Yui Wai / sued with kind permission)