Skull Bunnies & Abominable Snow Cone - Release & Signing Events at Woot Bear

Jeff at Woot Bear shares with us information on a couple of upcoming events and releases happening at 147 Clement St, San Francisco CA 94118 - first up with Ben Seto releasing his Glow in the Dark Skull Bunnies with exclusive screen print!

Scheduled for Saturday October 24th 2015, this Skull Bunny stands 4 inches tall and is GID Resin cast and hand painted. The Woot Bear Exclusive with mini screen print comes signed and numbered to 20 pieces - priced at US$50 each. (These will also be available online at

Scheduled for Friday October 30th 2015 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm - is the "Abominable Snow Cone Release and Signing with Jason Limon". Produced by Martian Toys, they are priced at US$125 each.
WOOT BEAR SAYS: "We will be hosting a signing with Jason Limon’s release of the Abominable Snowcone, a 3 piece set: 7 ¼ inch tall Snowcone Monster, a 2-inch ice cream truck and a handy spoon ready to serve up some icy menace. Come early, these are limited! We will also have a handful of the NYCC Blue colorway editions. "