The Exciting World of Jalldoon Wave 1 Drops Oct 30

Coming soon from Rampageo Industries are Wave 1 figures from their “The Exciting World Of Jalldoon” line - featuring 5 Variants of Prince Algor (listed below / more images here), as well as a double pack of two new characters. The sale will be Friday October 30th at 8PM EST in

- Samedi’s Shadow Prince Algor (translucent clear figure with glow in the dark paint apps)
- Spirit Stride Prince Algor ( translucent clear figure with translucent green accessories)
- Dungeon Demon Prince Algor (translucent red figure with translucent purple accessories)
- Slime City Prince Algor (translucent green figure with translucent purple accessories)
- Karnok Arena Prince Algor (translucent yellow figure with translucent red accessories)

Also available are Molotok and Kotolom Evil Clones of Prince Algor (two pack of Translucent red and yellow figures with translucent red and yellow accessories, and paint paint apps). All figures come in mailer boxes. The price of single figures is $30, and the price of the two pack is $55 (USD plus shipping)

Available as well are a small amount of left over Purple ROTU Prince Algors in the awesome Slimed Drones Box also for $30 (USD plus shipping). There will also be single Slimes on sale for $3 each, and a multi pack of 5 Slimes (red,green,yellow,smoke,and clear) for $12 (USD plus shipping)