THE LITTLE SHITS! from The Sucklord

New resin figures from The SUCKLORD currently listed on, with each priced at US$60, each limited to 20pcs, whom no doubt will get spoken for quick … I'm just P.O'd that I tried to buy these online but failed, so these are not meant to be in my humble collection ~ *sad-fookin-face*
NEWSLETTER PRESS: "We are putting the BOOTLEG Series on hold and moving into the area of Original Sculpts by the Super Sucklord! This new series of Suckadelic Resin figures Measures around 3 1/2” inches tall. An ongoing collection, it will revisit many classic Suckadelic Characters and a slew of new ones! First off the block are the iconic SUCKLORD 66 and NECROMANCER! Limited production Numbers make this set Highly collectable. Don’t be an Asshole and NOT buy these! (yes we modified our slogan) If things go well, get ready in 2016 for (GASP) PLAYSETS!"


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