"The Nurikabe" by Jacob JAMS for #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

Resin slinger Jacob Siegelbaum AKA Jacob JAMS will be introducing "The Nurikabe" at the coming New York Comic Con, with this being the largest resin he has designed and made!

The Nurikabe is a Japanese spirit, or Yokai, and it will be made available in two colorway editions: "TenaciousToys Blue" and "SuburbanVinyl Green", each piece measures 6 1/2" by 5" and is rotocast in resin, and handpainted by Jacobs himself. :imited to 5pcs each, they will be priced at US$60 each - which is a quite a steal, actually, IMHO.

Jacob will be signing at the Tenacious Toys Booth 208 on Saturday October 10th @ 11AM, so be sure to drop by and score yourselves some yokai-sweetness!

STORY OF THE NURIKABE: "Little is known about the true appearance of Nurikabe because these Yokai are usually said to be invisible. During the Edo period, however, artists began to illustrate this creature, giving it an appearance somewhere between a grotesque, fantastic beast and a flat, white wall. The Nurikabe appear mysteriously on roads late at night. As a traveler is walking, right before his or her eyes, an enormous, invisible wall materializes and blocks the way.

There is no way to slip around this yokai, it extends itself as far as to the left and right as one might try to go. There is no way over it either, nor can it be knocked down. However, it is said that if one taps it near the ground with a stick, it will vanish, allowing the traveler to continue on his or her way…"