THE OUTSIDER by QimmyShimmy for "Southern Winds"

Currently listed for sale here is "The Outsider, Kiki's Delivery Service" as illustrated by artist Lim Qi Xuan AKA "QimmyShimmy" ( / Instagram @qimmyshimmy) - with this digital archival print part of the "Southern Winds" tribute art show.

And while you contemplate purchasing this sized 11.7" x 16.5" beauty, here's a lil'Q&A with the artist herself! Along with WIPs of the art to share :)

TOYSREVIL: What was the inspiration / theme of the artwork you did?
QIMMYSHIMMY: "Kiki is one of my favourite characters from Studio Ghibli, mainly because of her independence, optimism and determination. I only started relating to her journey later in my life when I left Singapore to work for a few months and it gave me confidence to do well as an outsider in a new environment.

While people have different favourite moments in the film, my favourite one will be the scene where she waits by the telephone in the bakery. That quiet moment symoolizes her anxiety and desperation to prove her worth and do something meaningful with her gifts. It is very mundane, but strangely hopeful and beautiful to me.

I love subtle moments like this in Ghibli films, just because the characters exude so much while doing very little."

TOYSREVIL: What is Studio Ghibli to you?
QIMMYSHIMMY: "Studio Ghibli is a dazzling emblem of imagination, great character design and storytelling. They make crazy things believable with a whole new science and system to their elaborate worlds . Another  thing I love about Studio Ghibli is that there are never fully good or bad characters. Every character has his/her light and dark sides. The protagonist has his/her own flaws, and every antagonist has their own story behind their actions, which I think is powerful and much more realistic."
(Thanks Jerry for the hookup!)