Tony Titanium for #NYCC2015

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Tony Titanium returns this year with yet another round of news of items available for purchase at #NYCC2015 Booth #111 - starting with the above shown "Jump-Mandalorian is Alpha Godz Ent.
"First resin bootleg of a custom statue of a certain bounty hunter ready to space jam on you’re a$$!! On the basketball court that is… He comes equip with his fancy size 11 space shoes. Worn by a certain famous mj. this figure stands at 9 inches without base and on the wooden base it is 13 inches tall. Priced at a $100 Limited to 3 (white and concord, black and red, and glow-in- the -dark jedi spirit ) stand and base included."

[ More images HERE on FB ]
"Save the hippos of Hippo Island!!! Some one is hunting them down and selling their stuffed heads as prizes! Nah just kidding…. these are resin sculpts entitled “Prize Hippo” from Alpha Godz Ent. Available NYCC 2015 at booth 111. These sculpts are priced at $50 limited to 3 (8-bit, Regular, and Captain N blue) the head sculpt is resin and stands at 6”inches tall and is mounted on a wooden plaque that makes in 9” inches tall. All include box and wall mounting hardware on the back of each plaque.

And the King Hippo custom of Toby HK Holy MD Action Figure is 13 inches tall and is for sale at nycc at for the price of $ 500"