TOYSREVIL #ToyNewsWrapUp Oct 18.2015 Edition

DKE Toys × SUCKADELIC × STARCASE for DesignerCon. Get ready folks!
(Stay tuned for "official" announcement…)

I've only ever owned a single Dester Commando (Won in a lottery and REVIEWED) … a hawt-pink "Gay Empire" Commando would be SCHWEET tho!

And while The Sucklord has since claimed he'll be out of the "toy bootlegging" game, he'll yet be releasing a new RESIN series soon, with the first two in the series - Sucklord600 and Necromancer (seems "fitting", IMHO) - dropping "next week" … stay tuned to IG @sucklord for updates :)

I might wait for this to drop then consider adding to my Vectar order … my Sucklord600 (No.1 Toy of 2007) needs someone to "fight" with, ya know? … otherwise he'll just go around ZUM-ming people … Heh.

Paul Kaiju's MOCKBAT 3.75“ test pulls from Unbox Industries. #NICENESS

I don't have a single PK piece in my collection, not to lack of interest - no, I dare say I WANT his designs - but can never really afford the larger pieces … BUT on a slightly smaller scale, with a more affordable price-point? (I hope?) I am IN like the quickness ZIPPITY-ZIP, IMHO :)

I am "cheap" that way, what can I say? :p

WIPs of "Shikomi, The little samurai girl", unpainted and looking adorable! Looks like a BJD articulation too … Check out more images of this lil'lady on IG @2petalrose!

Beyond that Rotten Rexx colorway comes the new Rotting Simian hotness from James Groman, as produced by INSTINCTOY from Japan? I'd totally missed the Rotten Rexx-train (not that I could afford squat anyways :p), but I am always down for big apes - "rotting" and decomposing big apes FTW! LOL

400% B@RBRICK by Pushead x Medicom Toy features different "marbling" patterns in each piece … looks sweet, but not my bag … if I were a regular "Pushead"-fan, would I go nuts for these? Please feel free to comment in this post, thanks :)

"Gundam Trooper" by Kunho Noh mashes up a Gundam kit x a Star Wars Storm trooper FTW!

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After releasing a slew of MARVEL comicbook and cinematic characters for years, Hot Toys stay poised to release Stan “The Man” Lee in 1/6th scale!

Available to order now is jason Freeny's "Friendly Fire" with Mighty Jaxx. With a SRP of US$100 apiece - "(The Polystone) art figure stands at 9" tall and is a Limited Edition of 200pcs Worldwide". (Product ships November 2015)

Also available from is ANATOMIC by Jason Freeny, with this 8" (20.3cm) Polystone hand-casted piece Sold Out at STGCC, MJ has "set aside limited quantities for (their) global customers!" SRP is US$200 apiece (Product ships November 2015).

On pre-order via from October 17th is [KaijuGals TTF special], along with Winter2015 colorway. of Teresa Chiba's Kibunadon, Kaori Hinata's Kinora and Hikari Bambi's Nemuke!

I own all three forms (thanks to Mark!), and have to say they make splendid additions to any collection of cute kaiju! #SRSLY

Spongebob DX + Towel from Secret Base available via for US$80 per set. "This Spongebob DX features a schoolboy-esque black and white uniform colorway and comes with a sweet hand towel. This (is a) joint release between Secret Base and Toy Art gallery..."

I remember being utterly charmed by Mimobot USBs, but never seemed to bit the bullet to get any, unfortunately … years later, all attraction has faded, but the memories remain LOL … head on to this Facebook page to "comment and enter" for freebies.