TOYSREVIL #ToyNewsWrapUp Oct 29.2015 Edition

Designed by Frank Kozik, the 3" tall "Grumpy Elf" from Kidrobot retails for a SRP US$$14.99 - to be available in stores and online at on Tuesday, November 3rd. Looks to be a pretty "dangerous" Xmas, people … and I LIKE IT!

8x10 Woot Bear Exclusive 'Abominable Snowcone' prints to be given out at the Jason Limon signing at IG @wootbearbelly on Friday Oct 30 (6-9pm). Looks pretty darn awesome … but then again, almost ALL Jason Limon Art IS AWESOME!

Scott Wilkowski has reopened orders for "Arrhythmia Glow+ White+Black" via Previously listed product details are:
"Arrhythmia: Cast in Glow+White+Black. Colors will vary. Stands 6" tall with stand. $75 + $6 shipping. International Orders please send an additional $7."

A trio of custom MiniQee Bears by Andrea Kang (IG @harlow_bear) for DesignerCon, available via Martian Toys. I've always liked te MiniQee form myself too … :)

Available on this Friday, October 30th and in stores soon, are their "Tricky Cats", with each blind box-pull priced at US$9.99 apiece. Check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability as well.

LONELY DARK LADY TQ 1/6TH from 3A Toys available for pre-orders on October 30th via - with a SRP of US$140 (price includes shipping) … and thank goodness she has some accessories on her, besides the helmet … AND she will come with a "friend" too in another 2-Pack.

Coming in 2016 from Max Toy Co x Monster Boogie is this fantabulous looking gator-sub (??) - featuring sculpt by @tttoy_makino, imagine there if there was a whole squad of animal x machine vehicles to be had?! OMG-*faints-from-excitement*

Available this Halloween, Sat the 31st at noon PST via, are Gary Ham's Momiji Hermees APs - with only 6#s to be had, and each will come with a dapper wood top hat. "Being it's Halloween, I will also toss in some surprise treats!" teases Gary :)

"I won't be a Hero!!" silently screams this next figure to come from Fools Paradise, for a November release. CLICK HERE to view prototype revealed at the 2015 Thailand Toy Expo :)

Duo Wetworks x Yoii collabo collectibles ews, with a look at a new set of Kidzilla, in OG style! (Expect a possible Halloween-drop…) and we have a quick look at The Rider for Pugrider, eating a "resin with a ceramic-like finish" … Stay tuned to IG @iamwetworks for updates :)

"Here there's the best painting I have ever done so far as for my opinion. It's #acrylic on a 72" X 60" big canvas. We are making gorgeous prints of it for our 10 years anniversary event on 6-7 November in #LosAngeles. Stay tuned and hope to see you there! Ciao have a wonderful day!" - IG'd @simonelegno.

"Dthulhu" by Douglas Prince is based on the H.P. Lovecraft monster, Cthulhu x Rubber Ducky. Head-on to the Kickstarter since launched Oct 27th.

Can we be expecting an all-clear Kiss My Ass sofubi from David Flores x HellFire Canyon Club x BlackBook Toy soon? SCHWEET! Time to grab your ankles, buddy, and pucker up! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

WIP ATAT + LAND ROVER DEFENDER by Jan Calleja for JAN SOLO II 2015, to go with his other awesomeness … Wow. Can't wait to see them in color, buddy!