1/12th scaled Judge Death from ThreeA Toys In-Hand & in TOYSREVIL HQ

In-hand and excited am I, about the just-received JUDGE DEATH articulated action figure in 1/12th scale from ThreeA Toys! Truth be told, once I received the tracking advise from 3A Support, I did not dare leave the house, in case I missed out on the delivery! LOL

Before I rip into them (…or maybe I might not? hhhmmmmm), here are some quick snaps of the two editions I purchased on Bambaland (pre-orders in mid-January 2015)!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Now srsly - I have an urgent problem with these figures = the blisters and entire package look so epically gorgeous, I couldn't dare rip them out to play! Ohmaaaaan I shoulda bought 2 sets of each edition - one to play and one to keep, becoz they look so utterly handsome #Omgomgomg .... But of course I couldn't afford that ... Kicking myself slightly tho ... Have to keep this on mind for the upcoming Judge Dredd release, innit? Heh.

FYI: Each edition of Judge Death was available for US$60 online purchased from Bambaland (which included shipping / mine came bundled together in a single re-wrapped package tho hhmmmm), with the monotoned CLASSIC COMIC BOOK EDITION being a Bambaland-exclusive. I reckon you can snag the colored / Standard edition from retailers. Do check in with them for exact product pricing tho…