Banksy's LOVE RAT by Medicom Toy

Only in the world of Banksy where a sculpt of a RAT holding a paint brush is released as a collectible … no wait, Medicom Toys is doing it

Scheduled for an April 2016 release, is the LOVE RAT, weighing in at 830gms and sized 25cm tall, and clocking in at a SRP of ¥42,000 (US$343 / SG$485) - this first release of an entire Banksy line has been inspired by the graffiti of BANKSY. We last saw them on exhibit for Medicom Toy Exhibition'15 circa June 2015.

ADDED: I couldn't help but feel as if they are taking a piss at the faux collectibility notion in pop culture, with the price point here ... but then again, who knows? To some folks it might still seem "cheaper" than buying a chunk of a Banksy-stenciled wall, innit? hahahaha

Check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability, or head on to Sync. STORE to order now!


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