DALEK's Space Monkey Toys OLD & NEW

DALEK's "Space Monkey" toy news for both OLD and NEW, with the above shown being produced by CEREALART back in 2005 (Pics via Rotocasted), and was available in a quartet of colors … NOW, they are being solicited by DKE Toys, with a SRP of US$100 (go bug your fav retailer(s) to order them from DKE now, GO!).
DKE PRODUCT PRESS: "Made of resin and metal. 9" tall. Top eyeball is removable and fits in stomach hole or hole in back of head. Comes with butcher knife and full color Dalek booklet. Edition of 500 each. We got a little over 100 of each."

But if a slice of "toy-history" is not your bag, then THIS upcoming piece will sate your needs! Releasong "soon" would be the all new limited edition VINYL edition of Dalek's SPACE MONKEY, produced by Bigshot Toyworks! We've had a look at the unpainted prototype at NYCC, now hit up booth 901 at DesignerCon for another round of peeks! Would we be seeing it in "color" this time? #EXCITEMENT


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