DKE Toys for #DesignerCon 2015 (Part Two)

Massive toy-news for the coming Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22) with availability exclusive to DKE Toys Booth #812, starting with "Smurf Vader" and "Luke Smurfwalker" by Greg Aronowitz - BarnYardFX - each priced at US$55 tax included, featuring hand cast and painted 2" carded figures, in editions of 50 apiece. These look just like vintage Smurf PVC figures are just the start of the STAR SMURFS universe from Greg Aronowitz.

Star Warhol by Killer Bootlegs are hand cast and painted 2.75" carded figures, each price at US$75 tax included, in an edition of 50.
PRESS"Here is the second figure in the Andy Warhol inspired line. This is a follow up to the sold out Campbell Soup Can Droid from San Diego Comic Con 2015. "

B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. Clear Orange by Alex Pardee are priced at US$20 tax included - featuring a set of 6 PVC figurines 3" tall, in an edition of 100.

Devil Boy by Manny X Romero - Iconoclast Toys is priced at US$60 tax included, featuring hand cast and painted 3.5" carded figures in an edition of only 25. This is not gonna last, folks!
DKE TOYS PRESS: "We had “Bad Acid" Bart at Comic Con and it sold out immediately so we asked for another. Here is "Devil Boy". Many more images on the Flickr. Comes with Trident accessory. Bubble is resealable. GID."

Baby Gee by UME Toys, are hand cast and painted 2" resin figure. In an edition of 20, they are priced at US$22 tax included, and come bagged with header card.

Infected Android Anomalies by Scott Wilkowski x Android Foundry x Pretty in Plastic, are in an edition of 40 x one of a kind resin pieces, each priced at US$70 tax included.
DKE TOYS PRESS: "In the process of making the DKE SDCC 2014 release there were some pieces left over that either had a bubble or the color was wrong or too cloudy, a dent or some blemish, so Pretty in Plastic coated them, painted, modified, splattered, sparkled, and bedazzled some. They will ALL be on display for buyers to choose the design and color they like best."

Joystik & G2-B2 by Bill McMullen are each priced at US$110 tax included - featuring hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figures in an edition of 30.
"Bill actually made 10 of these figures 2 years ago for DCon and just showed up at the booth with them. Dov sold them in 5 minutes. The pieces were made for the rest of the edition but it has taken 2 years for the remaining 20 to actually surface. So although it is an edition of 30 we will only have 20 for DCON 2015, assuming Bill gets them done."