Flat Bonnie x Mr. Toast / Leecifer / Scott Tolleson for #DesignerCon 2015

Flat Bonnie shares with us a trio of collaboration plushes she will have at
Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22) this year. The first one is Mr. Toast's "Space Duck" (teased just yesterday), followed by Leecifer's "Honoo", and finally a preview of Scott Tolleson's "Kookie No Good" new colorway! Here are pics and stats, for your procurement considerations!

Flat Bonnie x Mr. Toast - Space Duck
Designer Con 2015 debut
First 20 available at DCon
Numbered sewn-in tag
Signed mini-painting hangtag by Mr. Toast
Made of Vinyl Pleather and hand painted safety eyes
(All animal friendly materials as always)
11" tall and each priced at US$40
Available at Flat Bonnie Booth #216

Flat Bonnie x Leecifer - Honoo
Designer Con 2015 Exclusive
Edition of 5
Comes with numbered sewn-in tag
Made of Faux Fur and Vinyl Pleather (All animal friendly materials as always)
15" tall with each priced at US$60
Available at Leecifer Booth #525

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Flat Bonnie x Scott Tolleson - Kookie No Good (not for sale at show)
Preview of new colorway
Online ordering will start after DesignerCon
Viewable at Scott's Booth #525 & Flat Bonnie Booth #216


(Thanks for the headsup, FlatBonnie! Looking forward to news of your own plush!)


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