Hedge Hog Resin Kickstarter Launched

Kevin Florkiewicz, co owner/founder of Blue Sphere Toys sends word of the launch of their Kickstarter campaign to make HEDGE HOG into a toy-reality!
"Let me give you some more details about the figure. The Hedge Hog is the first character in a small line we are planning to make called the BotaniCuties. BotaniCuties is a play on the word botanical as each character is garden themed or horticultural in one way or another. They are also very cute. The Hedge Hog (being part hedge) is a hedgehog with grass growing out of his back instead of quills. We are also working towards having limited edition colorways and additional characters made as stretch goals."
"We will be offering both D.I.Y. blanks and full color hand painted figures as backer rewards for both the collectors and the customizers. We will also offer both gloss and matte finishes for the full color options."- shared Kevin Florkiewicz.
(Cheers for the headsup, Kevin)


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