Kosrobot's Dreary One from Cosmos Cold Releasing Nov 29

Releasing November 29 @ 4PM Los Angeles time via kosrobot.com is the DREARY ONE from Kosrobot. Each 6 inches tall resin figure is priced at US$50 + shipping. Kos further describes it as;
"…have five points of articulation, swappable parts (arms, hands, helmet, face - all could be interchanged with future Cosmos Cold releases), fully painted with green sprays and black washes; comes bagged, including two vinyl stickers, and sealed with a colorful double-sided individually numbered card (edition of 50)."
"Figures are here and almost ready. I have several finished examples now and a full box of parts screaming to be finished, painted and assembled into full figures. As I was writing in social networks, due to some production issues, figures are cast in soft resin, instead of vinyl. I am sorry for that, but this decision was taken to prevent a much longer wait." - shared Konstantin Budkevich.


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