My Fav #Inktober2015 Drawing

What are your own favorite drawing/illustrations done for Inktober this year? And WHY? I'd asked folks to share with us their picks and reasons for their choices, and today TOYSREVIL presents: "My Fav Inktober for 2015"!

Do scroll down to feast you visual senses, and click forth and find out what else they have drawn, and follow their social medias!

"Man, I'm pretty hard on myself with my own work, but if I had to choose, I suppose it would be my Samus Aran. I chose this particular piece because of all the parts of her suit coming off and having to figure out how to lay out the parts, while at the same time trying to not make it a jumble pile of crap. Not sure if I succeeded, but it was fun to try!" - shared Bobby K (
"My favorite entry for this years Inktober was for the final day on Halloween. It was the accumulation of all the things I've been inking and the things that represent halloween to me. I've been inking a drawing a day for the entire year so when inktober hit, it let me run free with halloween themes for the entire month." - shared John Gonzales AKA DiabloTexas (

"It was sort of the basis of a new legion of character to be in Nori's story. There is a whole devil clan that will be conflicting our main characters. So its excited that I have sort of a template character down for the rest of the them." - shared Josh Coldiron ( / Inktober on Facebook)

"This is my favorite drawing, of the few #Inktober illustrations I managed to draw; I just love the concept of combining mecha, racing, and parkour, and I feel like I managed to express the idea pretty close to the way I saw it in my head." - shared Ben "Benerator" Nunez (Instagram @benerator / Blog)

"This is my favorite inktober for this one because this one i wanna tell about is human these days is really depends on machine (internet, vehicle, etc). What i want to say is human(s) are not weak." - shared Frederick Cristofer (Instagram @frederickcristofer24)

"It's called uerroc and I like it because it represents the next phase of my visual projects. Moving away from 'cartoony' illustrations for awhile and exploring a more otherworldly, spectral, organic, haunted visual vocabulary. I consider this a sketch study for a new painting series I'm starting." - shared Pereira Irving Paul (IG @irvingpaulpereira / / Full Inktober album on Flickr)

"My favorite drawing I made for this InkTober is my Breakfast Food Kaiju. I'm happy with my use of the copic brush pen. I think I also pulled off the dark shadows and overall composition of this drawing well." - shared Jonathan Sims (floatingbunnyhead)

"Creature from the Black Lagoon. My all time favorite classic monster, and really pleased with the shapes and color in this piece. My theme for this Inktober was the Play Dead Toys mascot ghost, customized as the drawlloween daily theme (ghost, cftbl, bat, etc.)." - shared Michael "Bubo" Reilly (Instagram @YoBubo /

"My Favorite Inktober 2015 illustration is Day 12! I had fun drawing those tentacles around Helpbot and changing (him) in a different form altogether." - shared Thomas "Toche" Tanbonliong (IG @fallingorbsproject / Inktober on Flickr / Artist Spotlight #onTOYSREVIL)