"Night King" by Brandt Peters x Cardboard Spaceship Toys (For "#Calliope Kickstarter Rewards)

"Revealed" in their "Callilope" Kickstarter was the "NIGHT KING" by Brandt Peters, produced by Cardboard Spaceship Toys with the image shown being an exclusive colorway for Kickstarter. We've been seeing teasers on Brandt Peter's Instagram (@brandtpeters) before, so it's a nice connection recognized here, at least for me anyways :p

And while further product details are forthcoming, know that this piece is available at from the "US$375 or more" Pledge level, with 50 spots to be had. Estimated delivery is May 2017. Go forth, and pledge!

"First day of October teaser! The Night King! By @brandtpeters and @cbspaceship / prototype profile! This project has been in the works since the last Monsters and Misfits exhibition in Japan. Designs changed, the modeling was pushed into detail areas I rarely get to push. I'm very happy with this design as the time my team put into him really nailed how close we can get to my raw sketch and vision! The Stingy Jack universe continues to grow!" - IG'd Brandt Peters.

FYI: We last saw an incarnation as a 14-inch tall resin x acrylic named "Fledermaus The Bat King", made for Monsters & Misfits III by Cicus Posterus x Tomenosuke!