Official Trailer for #WARCRAFT

I am not a gamer, and neither have I played "Warcraft" in any way, shape or form … but that should not inform nor dictate my viewing considerations or decisions … that said, this newly released Official Trailer for WARCRAFT, is EPIC!

Fresh from the teaser trailer released earlier the week, now we see Man and Orcs battle each other, and together, to save their own people and homes! And it does not take a genius to know the "humans" are going to screw over the Orcs, innit? (Just a wild guess, I've never played the game, remember? :p)

Honestly, this is the sort of fantasy swords-n-sandals brutality I did not know I had yearned for, that perhaps "Lord of the Rings" could not sate me with … but of course that might not be fair here, just take LOTR2 and remove the "Hobbits", and I am good ~ LOL

Some select screengrabs here, with the rest uploaded HERE on Facebook! "Warcraft: The Beginning" premieres on US screens June 10th, 2016, and in Singapore June 9th 2016.

[ Full film description here on #PopcornX ]