SIX THE ROBODOGMAN - Custom 1/6 by MissMonster

"SIX THE ROBODOGMAN" is a one-of-a-kind custom 1/6th scale figure by Melita "Miss Monster" Curphy, priced at US$330 and looking pretty sweet! I'll let the images, and Melita herself, to do the "talking"!

And yes, if you are a recent toy-convert, "Miss Monster" is the same artist who designed Dissonance: Seraphim from GLITCH!

EXCERPT: "This 1/6 scale 12" tall figure is built around a pre-existing blank poseable body. I sculpted the head, hands , feet and backpack and then cast them in urethane. Each custom cast part is hand painted and sealed. The clothing ,bag and accents were bought new but then painted and dyed to look aged. The backpack can be lit up using a small switch on the top. The small light on her belt can be lit by twisting the top. Battery pack can be removed to replace batteries. Bottles and purple pendant glow in the dark…" (IG @missmonstermel)
STORY: "This is Six the RoboDogman. RoboDogmen were created in the old days when war hadn't been universally banned yet. Originally created as reconnaissance agents and mindless assassins, these robots have been decommissioned and given their freedom. Loyal and hard working, many of the RoboDogmen decided to seek out human companionship and dedicate themselves to protecting their new families.

Six likes to tinker with found technology, her favorite activity is looking through scrap heaps to find stuff to salvage. She makes furniture and sculptures out of it, the humans have taken an interest in collecting her pieces. Six is learning to wire electronics to make her sculptures even more flashy and interesting."