Star Wars 1/6th scale Stormtrooper (Copper Chrome Version) by Hot Toys

I've not been keeping up with posts about Hot Toys' 1/6-releases for Star Wars - especially for "The Force Awakens" - as of late … not that they are "un-interesting", but because I cannot keep up! But THIS slice of toy-news begs to be blogged: COPPR CHROME STORM TROOPER!

Wait, What???? Seems this is an "Asian" release, so do check in with your Hot Toys official distributor for pre-order information and pricing. Meanwhile, more pics, an the official press release text!

HOT TOYS PRESS: "The Stormtrooper armor has always been one of the most beloved designs in the classic Star Wars trilogy! With that in mind, Hot Toys is adding a vintage touch to this iconic armor and is excited to present today, a special shiny copper chrome version of the 1/6th scale Stormtrooper collectible figure!

This copper chrome colored Stormtrooper is for diehard Star Wars collectors and is only available in selected markets as an Asia Exclusive item. The rare collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Stormtrooper in Star Wars featuring the eye-catching shiny copper chrome painted armor and helmet, a blaster rifle, and a hexagonal figure stand. This distinctively colored Stormtrooper will surely stand out in your prized Star Wars collection!"