#StarWars-themed collectibles by Jason Chalker #ManlyArt for #DesignerCon 2015

The 'ManlyArt' Booth #1228 at the coming Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22) is going to be so chalk-ful of goodness (sorry for the pun, Jason, but I HAD to! :p) that it would behoove you to swoop down and snag them ASAP for when the doors open to the Pasadena Convention Center come November 21st!

Here's an exclusive TOYSREVIL FIRST LOOK at what "Star Wars"-themed goodies Jason Chalker will have for you!

7.5" tall custom WWII Stormtrooper Helmets:
- Messerschmitt BF-109
- Mitsubishi Zero
- P-40 Flying Tiger
- Priced at US$250 each!
(Turnaround videos previously featured)

R5-D420 action figures:
- D-Con exclusive
- Limited to 25 in this colorway
- Priced at only US$60 each.
"I will also have button, stickers, some original art and I will be doing commissions during the show." (Jason Chalker @ www.manlyart.com / Facebook / IG @manlyart)

(Thank you for the headsup, Jason!)


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